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ATMC Fiber PPPoE with FreeBSD

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve tried to configure ppp on anything, but my home fiber connection is 1000/100 fiber and none of the routers I’ve tried have been able to fully utilize that speed, so I decided to build my own with some discarded hardware to see if I could improve on that.

tldr; you might need to escape some of the characters in your authkey password

I was able to escape the special chars in my PPPoE password with the \ character, single quotes don’t work, they get passed as-is.

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Cisco Netflow traffic monitoring on 3850

It’s been a while since I needed to configure Netflow and I’ve never actually done it on any of Cisco’s recent software. After the usual wading through their horrible documentation and incorrect examples I finally have something that will work:

flow record TRAFFIC-RECORD
 description traffic record
 match ipv4 source address
 match ipv4 destination address
 collect counter bytes long
 collect counter packets long
 collect timestamp absolute first
 collect timestamp absolute last
flow monitor TRAFFIC
 description traffic monitor
 ip flow monitor TRAFFIC input
 ip flow monitor TRAFFIC output